Chris Lamb

915 N. 52nd St. #1027

Phoenix, AZ  85008



3 works submitted for the Col Legno Duo 2015 Composition Competition.


- Sonata for Bassoon and Marimba (Still in progress - unedited score included

- Lunatic

Pop and Lock

Duo Concertante (2015)

For Bassoon and Marimba

Duration 14'00

To be premiered by Toan Tran, bassoon, and TBD, marimba on April 2015 at Katzin Recital Hall, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ. 

Commissioned by Toan Tran.

Lunatic (2013)

For Violin, Bassoon, and Piano

Duration 5'00

Premiered by Lucas Brown, violin, Toan Tran, bassoon, and Grigory Smirnov, piano on July 12, 2013 at Brevard Music Center during the Brevard Summer Music Festival. 

Lunatic was commissioned by Toan Tran

Program Notes

Lunatic is an exploration of the Night Music style of composition.  In it’s simplest form, it is music inspired by the night. 

Night Music I paints a dark night, still and suspended.  Only the subtle sounds of nature disturb the otherwise peaceful dark under the sliver of a waxing moon.

The two movements occur without a break.  The arrival of the second Night Music is heralded by the deep rumble of the lowest notes of the piano, which begin imperceptivity soft and grow to the rumbling cacophony of noise.  In Night Music II the full moon is in the sky and as they say, the full moon makes people go crazy. 

The title Lunatic is inspired by the Latin word “lunaticus” meaning “of the moon.”  As such on a purely superficial and most basic level of interpretation (and intended by the composer) the work is representative of a werewolf.

- Chris Lamb, July 2013

Pop and Lock (2012)

For Bass Clarinet, Drumset, Marimba/Vibraphone, and Piano

Duration 6'30