Duo Concertante (2015)

For Bassoon and Marimba

Duration 14'00

Premiered by Toan Tran, bassoon and Danielle Moreau, marimba on April 18, 2015 at Katzin Hall, Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. 

Duo Concertante was commissioned by Toan Tran

Program Notes

Duo Concertante was written to explore the capabilities of the bassoon and marimba.  Each movement uses different musical structures and practices such as tone rows, polymeter, metric modulation, and others. 

The first movement uses a 12-tone row as a basis for the chaconne.  It repeats the row throughout the movement and melodies are all inspired by the repeating set of 12 notes.  The harmonies are also derived from the row. 

The second movement, originally entitled "Becoming Ravens" was inspired by the Raven Paradox. Like in the paradox melodic assumptions arise from nothing to create the composition. 

The third and fourth movements are combined as a fantasy and dance.  The third is a mysterious and dark, almost foreboding fantasy which climaxes just before the start of the fourth movement.  The fourth and final movement is a bright and energetic dance which calls upon the melodies of the previous three movements as well as introducing a new one of its own.  

- Chris Lamb, April 2015